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EGD Distribution - Winter 2013 Newsletter
EGD Continues to drive forward the importance of safe gates

In this issue:

> NEW Customised laser etched CE plates & enclosures
> Gate Safety Update: Powered Gate Group Diploma
> NEW Product Range: GTE KMG force testers
> Product Focus: Prastel SECURE Radio Systems
> EGD Supplying Free Database of Manuals

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NEW Customised laser etched CE plates & enclosures

With the focus of many gate installers now turning to ensuring that their newly installed gates are fully compliant, attention needs to be drawn to CE marking. It is a LEGAL requirement for ALL newly installed gates to be CE marked in line with the Machinery Directive, this applies to all automated gates including residential installations.

EGD (Easygates Distribution) is offering their customers laser branded products and CE marking plates. A twenty thousand pound investment into laser equipment means EGD does this in-house with minimal turnaround times. Everything from photocells, intercoms, junction boxes to keyfobs can be laser marked with your company logo and contact details. Serial numbers can be added to remote controls for asset tracking. The marine grade stainless steel CE plates are available in a number of sizes and give an indelible marking method as the regulations require. The overall effect gives a more powerful company brand and advertises your company to others whilst ensuring full compliance with the machinery Directive. EGD offers this service as part of their bespoke attitude to a customer's needs.

A Free personalised sample of a CE marking plate is available by emailing your company logo (preferably in vector format) to

Examples of our Laser Marking

Gate Safety Update: Powered Gate Group Diploma

Following on from the success of last year's 2012 Gate Safety Conference, the DHF Powered Gate Group (PGG) has continued to grow rapidly attracting new members from all over the UK. With a subscription of over 30 + companies now, the PGG is poised to deliver developments of standards and training to its members and the wider Industry. At a recent meeting of the groups technical focus committee (Nov 2012) the foundations for the DHF "Gate Safety Diploma" were laid down. With Part 1 of the training now almost complete, the group will re-convene in February to finalise the Diploma and begin a roll-out schedule for group members.

As development of the Diploma continues, additional modules will be created and added with the ultimate goal of a nationally recognised NVQ level 3 qualification being reached sometime within the next 12 months.

DHF Logos
NEW Product Range: GTE KMG force testers

EGD are proud to announce that we are now distributers of the GTE Industrie Elektronik range of gate & door force testing equipment. Made in Germany, these high quality force testers offer the installer a robust solution for all of their force testing needs. The GTE range provides two distinct solutions to installers & manufacturers, both available in protective carry cases with (optional) extension arm sets.
(Ideal for maintenance visits and low volume installations)

The KMG LITE tester provides a highly affordable solution to installers who require maximum performance & versatility from their testing equipment whilst also keeping costs down. The LITE unit carries no on-board memory or PC connectivity, allowing the user to record the results manually without the need for connection to a PC or laptop.
GTE KMG-2000
(The Rolls Royce of force testers!)

The KMG 2000 tester is the flagship solution for installers who require great flexibility and features combined with huge measurement storage capacity. The KMG-2000 unit carries on-board memory facilities for 500 measurements (166 sets or approx. 18 gates) and provides USB PC connectivity. This allows the user to record the results from many gate tests, then produce comprehensive reports detailing the full extent of the force test data.
KMG-Lite KMG2000

(Offer Price Ends 01/03/2013)

Product Focus: Prastel SECURE Radio Systems

With so many "cloning" radio remote control products hitting the market these days it can be very confusing and difficult to know if your installations are "secure". For example an installer may believe he has installed and commissioned a high security gate system with all appropriate physical security but may have overlooked one simple thing, Radio security!

Many products are available in the UK market now that offer cloning facilities of existing fixed code (and now rolling code) radio remotes. All that is needed is an existing remote from the site or very brief access to the radio receiver to enable un-authorised remotes to be learnt in to the system and used without the prior knowledge of the installer, site management company or end user. This can lead to un‐authorised, non‐audited access to sites and can result in the loss of property or

Our secure range of Prastel radio transmitters and access control products provides the solution to combat this growing issue. We are able to offer a unique SECURE coding system which not only employs rolling code technology but also utilises installer/site coding systems to prevent the possibility of remote control & receiver cloning. Using the provided PC programmer device an installer can quickly establish a safe & secure radio system unique to themselves that cannot be copied by anyone else.

Prastel Secure Radio Systems
EGD Supplying Free Database of Manuals

A free database of manuals and additional installation and support diagrams is now available at The database is growing by the day and is aimed at becoming the ‘installer’s best friend’ with its huge selection of colour diagrams, installation quick sheets and full manuals for a various automation brands and products. The recently redesigned website has been designed to be fully searchable and viewable on smart phones.

EasyGates Manuals

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